Animation Mania

Self-taught animator and storyboard enthusiast.
My roles include concepting, storyboarding, art directing and final execution.

Animation created for The Dressember Foundation's 2019 Registration Video. The Dressember Foundation brings together a community of international advocates utilizing fashion + creativity to help end human trafficking. Client reached out after designing static "how-it-works" graphics during a 4-month volunteer experience.
Animation created for Our Military Kids' refreshed brand identity. Our Military Kids supports children (ages 5 – 12th grade) of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members, as well as those of wounded veterans from all service branches, with grants that provide up to $300 for a chosen activity. Activities include camping, sports, fine arts, tutoring, and STEM.
Animations created as Digital Designer at Crocs.
I can't show you the really cool stuff. . . but these are pretty sweet too, ya?!