All Voting Is Local

All Voting is Local fights to eliminate needless and discriminatory barriers to voting before they happen, to build a democracy that works for us all. We worked together on creating powerful campaigns to change the way the world thinks about voter rights.


Nonprofit, Voters Rights


Data Visualization Design
Social Media & Digital Ads
Print Report Design

Wisconsin Voter Registration Engagement
All Voting is Local initiated a campaign to ensure that voters knew the appropriate documentation needed to register to vote in the state of Wisconsin. They needed a microsite to support this mission.
Franklin County, Ohio Provisional Ballot System
All Voting is Local initiated a campaign to push the board of directors for more funding into voter education and poll worker training. An analysis report was created for the board of directors presentation and social media/digital ads were created to bring awareness to Franklin County citizens.
Early Voting For Florida College Students
Statistically, Florida has the lowest rate of college student voters, so All Voting is Local initiated a campaign to push for early voting registration on college campuses. We created a microsite that would engage with our target audience.